A unique Support System

P.A.I.N. is a non-profit organization that specializes in the rehabilitation services and support for the substance user and their family. We know how overwhelming drug abuse can be for everyone involved. That's why our unique program also focuses on family support services. Through our many resources, we help the drug or alcohol user and their family get the proper and personalized help to begin the rehabilitation process and effectively navigate the road to sobriety.
Thank you to GV Wire for this interview.
"The resources, guidance and support I received from PAIN this past year changed my life. The family support group helped me gain strength, taught me to set boundaries, and gave me confidence. The meetings helped me to understand that the abuse I was experiencing from the addict in my life was typical and characteristic. From PAIN, I received practical knowledge to address the addict and regain control of my life. Flindt Andersen’s involvement led my loved one to seek in-patient treatment and follow up services to get him on the road to recovery. He is still sober today. Karen Wood walked me through how to process my fears, prepared me for his return from treatment, and taught me how to make wise decisions, not ones based on trauma and tension. Today, my life is peaceful and has a sense of normalcy again and I am truly grateful to PAIN for helping me get my life back."
-Jamie, Clovis