We are a non-profit organization in Fresno County that specializes in the rehabilitation services and support for the substance user and their family. Our unique program focuses on family support services. Through our many resources, we help the drug or alcohol user and their family get the proper and personalized help to begin the rehabilitation process and effectively navigate the road to sobriety.

PAIN has the charge to communicate the truth about drug abuse to children, teenagers and young adults. Founded in 2009, PAIN elevates awareness and individual assistance. Family consulting, facilitating support groups, speaking at schools and community service groups are the primary methods by which PAIN reaches communities.

Through community partnerships and resources we help the prescription drug user get to the proper resources to begin the rehabilitation process.



The Team


Flindt Andersen
Founder & President

Diana Rambo
Executive Director

Kerry Garrison
Office Manager


Our Initiatives


We seek to PREVENT & EDUCATE substance abusers and non-abusers to improve and promote a healthy community 


We seek to TREAT & SERVE substance abusers to improve their personal, mental, social well-being and overall health


We seek to SUPPORT RECOVERY of substance abusers and equip them with skills, tools, and resources to maintain a life of sobriety and health


We SUPPORT FAMILIES & FRIENDS of substance abusers to improve their personal well-being and relationships



We dream of a day when our communities are free from the effects of narcotic prescription drug abuse and addiction. We envision narcotic medications to be safely administered and regulated with strong governing control for safe pharmaceutical use.


To raise awareness about the epidemic of drug and alcohol abuse in our communities... and to help prevent that abuse. We offer the needed support and hope to individuals and families who are facing this epidemic.