When Will We Learn?

I was reading an article today on how drug users find “solace” in being able to use their drugs safely in government provided Injection sites or what is now commonly known as Drug Consumption Sites. Well, no kidding. What drug user would not want to use his or her drugs in a safe and protected area without any consequences?

Countries like Denmark and Canada already provide such places for addicts to safely inject their drugs while they are supposedly monitored and supervised. Right here in the good old U S of A, San Francisco, Seattle, New York City have already been allowing this and now Philadelphia is getting on board. Philadelphia is encouraging private companies to come into town to establish and run these sites, and of course charge a fee. Gee, I wonder who’s going to pay their fee, the drug addict? I don’t think so. One more thing a city is going to have to pay for and where do you think the money is going to come from? You guessed it, your taxes! Wow, only in America does this sort of thing happen. I simply can’t believe the stupidity as it surrounds addiction.

All these so-called injection sites, according to the articles I have read would offer medical intervention for the addict. Who are they kidding? As a former drug user, would you really think that I would seek medical treatment or intervention when I can now receive free drugs and a safe place to use them without any consequences? Do you think the addict is only going to use drugs at these sites during business hours? Again, the stupidity of some of those involved in trying to solve the drug problem goes beyond any comprehension.

I know trying to change the drug epidemic is a task that no one really has an answer to, but I believe it starts with proper, long term treatment that has to be affordable. There needs to be a change in the treatment centers themselves. Traditional treatment isn’t working, adding more treatment centers and drug injection sites is not the answer. We need to fix the treatment centers that are already in place. There are over 15,000 residential drug treatment centers in the United States and I would venture to say that almost all of them simply have 28-day programs. Does anyone with any brains at all think that addiction can be managed in 28 days? I’m not allowed to use the language I want to regarding some of these treatment centers telling the public they can cure your addiction. That’s a whole other topic in-itself.

One reason treatment centers have 28-day programs is because that’s all the insurance company will pay for. They need to move people in and out, in-order to bill for the next client. The fact is, drug treatment costs, treatment centers have-to pay for doctors, nurses, housing, food, therapists, and all that goes with running that business, so, yes, there are costs and fees involved with someone going to treatment. If cities, counties and states are going to get involved with “fixing” the drug problem, wouldn’t it be better to spend the money on improving the treatment centers themselves instead of Drug Consumption Sites?

We always seem to be going backwards on this issue. Remember the definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. When will we learn! 

Nik Ashjian