Flindt Andersen / Founder & President

Flindt Andersen is the Founder and President of Parents & Addicts in Need (PAIN). He is a life-long Fresno resident where he graduated from McLane High School in 1973 and then attended California State University Fresno. He has been married for 40+ years and has two sons.

From 1987-2007 he was the owner of Andersen & Associates, a legal support service business assisting Attorneys and their law firms.

Flindt's first experience with drugs was experimenting with alcohol at age 13. This progressed to illegal drugs thru high school and college and later led to his 20 year battle with prescription drugs. He entered the Betty Ford treatment center in 2001. It was at this point where he decided to get clean and sober, stay clean and sober and live life again.

His life experiences led him to found PAIN in 2009, as well as start his speaking career “Don’t Hide The Scars.” Flindt speaks across the state at Universities, High Schools, and professional groups giving his personal testimony and addressing the public with information about today’s youth and the prescription drug epidemic.