Please contact us to get started. We can help with a plan to get on the road to recovery. Fees for our services will apply.

We offer consultations for individuals and families to address the following issues: addict behaviors, identifiers, resources, services, treatment, legal advice, and initiating interventions, sober plans, drug testing. When you don't know what to do, we are the first step.

Support Meetings


Spouse-Only Support Group
Monday Nights 7:00pm - 8:00pm
Pain Office
83 E Shaw Ave, Suite 203
Fresno, CA 93710

Parent & Family Support
Wednesday Nights 6:30pm - 8:30pm
St. Paul Catholic Newman Center
1572 E Barstow Ave.
Fresno, CA 93710


We provide students and/or faculty with assemblies, learning sessions, trainings, and/or parent groups to promote awareness and education in the community.

School Services


Students are engaged while learning about the real-life harmful effects of prescription drug abuse. Flindt Andersen, PAIN Founder & President reveals details about his 20 year battle with addiction that hurt his family, friends, and nearly cost him his life. He opens the floor to questions from students, allowing them to voice their concerns about the presence of drug use in their school. PAIN provides follow-up support to victims and families in need of services.

Parent Groups/SART/PTA

Learn about today's most prevalent drug issues in schools. Parents are provided with a look at how young children can become at-risk for drug use and dependence. We share information with parents on topics such as peer pressure, media influence, and how to keep their kids safe along with taking preventative measures in the home and at school.

Faculty Awareness Training

Get your faculty and staff together for the betterment of your school. Learn about the most relevant drug issues affecting students today. In this exciting training session, you will hear about signs and symptoms, substances, and hiding places involved with both street and prescription drug use. Save lives and get educated!

Peer Counseling

PAIN staff speaks to peer counseling groups, teaching them the signs and symptoms of prescription and street drug abuse. In the classroom, a more in-depth study is provided about the causes of substance abuse. Students are instructed on how to help fellow classmates get on the path to recovery. We listen to student opinions on drug use issues at their school, and offer advice on how to combat the issue. We supply basic PAIN materials so Peer Counselors could to provide to struggling or at-risk students.

Health Class

Flindt Andersen gives lessons on the physiological and psychological effects of abuse of prescription medications as well as the harmful effects that illegal drugs have on the human body. Students will learn about drug effects on the major body systems such respiratory, nervous, digestive, and circulatory.


We provide ongoing corporate safety training meetings concerning prescription drug abuse and how it can effect safe work practices and mental health.



Referral Service Partners


Our foundation uses an extensive network of partners we refer out to, for individuals to get the best care possible.


My Time Recovery
Drug & Alcohol Rehab
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Thelma Gatlin-Wilson
New Perceptions Treatment Center
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Carrie Randazzo, PhD
Clinical Director & Addiction Counselor
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